CSAW 2021: Tripping Breakers

Huge year again for CSAW which has some of the longest history of any CTF and always puts a good show on with creative challenges at all levels. I plan to writeup two challenges that got the least solves of the ones I solved. This is the first.

TMUCTF 2021: Foreign Student

Fun OSINT challenge that I solved in the last hour of the CTF today. In contrast to many OSINT challenges in CTFs I’ve done lately where the flag consists of a bunch of sub fields that I spend a lot of time with wrong guesses, this challenge wanted just one thing. An email address. How hard could that be?

TMUCTF 2021: Injection

Great CTF with a lot of interesting challenges and props to them for running it mid-week. Lots of people have work on mid week but at night after work this gave me some fun diversion. This was a web challenge that seemed a bit tricky so only attracted a few solves. I’ll go over how I did below.

ALLES CTF 2021: Nostego

Unfortunately infrastructure problems meant this CTF was quite frustrating to play. I spent most of my time refreshing a website waiting for my session to connect so I only solved two challenges before moving on to GrabCON. Anyway I solved Nostego first so here’s my solution. I believe my solution is pretty wrong but it worked so /shrug.

GrabCON 2021: Unknown 2

Fun CTF with quite a lot of variety in the challenges. I spent a bit of time on the binary reversing and pwning challenges this time because they seemed quite solvable for my basic skills. This is the 2nd in the “unknown” series.