corCTF 2021: 4096

An RSA challenge which are always my favourite in CTFs. This one was a combination of a few simple tricks. Below is my solution.

corCTF 2021: Dividing Secrets

Fourth in line in the Crypto challenge for me was this probably math heavy challenge that I found a secondary solution to. At the heart of it was a bespoke encryption algorithm and an oracle who you can leak the secret from. More details below…

Really Awesome CTF 2021: Teleport

Really Awesome CTF is back in 2021 with some very interesting challenges. This RSFPWS challenge category was particularly fun as it was a 3d game client hacking adventure in 3 parts. I was able to solve all of them and here’s a writeup of the one that had the fewest solvers “Teleport”.

Really Awesome CTF 2021: Military Grade

This Web challenge category was oddly misplaced and maybe should have existed within the Reversing category instead but no matter. I class this as a reversing + crypto challenge and I also had a lot of fun solving it as it involves a Golang program which is certainly my favourite language to code in these days.

RaRCTF 2021: Crypto and Reversing Challenges

Cool CTF with a bunch of wicked challenges. Of course as usual, limited time for me so I only attempted some basic challenges but even these basic challenges were not a pushover. Let’s talk about these that I solved: