Really Awesome CTF 2021: Military Grade

This Web challenge category was oddly misplaced and maybe should have existed within the Reversing category instead but no matter. I class this as a reversing + crypto challenge and I also had a lot of fun solving it as it involves a Golang program which is certainly my favourite language to code in these days.

RaRCTF 2021: Crypto and Reversing Challenges

Cool CTF with a bunch of wicked challenges. Of course as usual, limited time for me so I only attempted some basic challenges but even these basic challenges were not a pushover. Let’s talk about these that I solved:

HousePlant CTF 2020: Returning Stolen Archives

Cool RSA crypto challenge in a CTF that I had a lot of fun with. I especially liked the beginner section which had a nice gradual ramp up with challenge difficulty. The final beginner challenge in each category was like a combo of what you had done until that point.

WPI CTF 2020: Notwannasigh

Fairly straightforward reversing challenge with a malware / ransomware flavor. The challenge text reads:

RITSEC CTF 2018: Cictrohash

I didn’t plan to play this CTF but when I saw this challenge I was a bit hooked. So I ended up competing in it.