ASIS CTF 2016 - Angrymin - Misc Challenge


ASIS CTF 2016 - BinaryCloud - Web Challenge

Cool challenge this one based on an interesting article published recently. We’re given the following clue

GoogleCTF 2016 -for2 - Forensics Challenge

Really quick writeup while I remember. The clue consists of a pcap only. The pcap contains USB packet captures.

GoogleCTF 2016 - Ill Intentions - Mobile Challenge

Here’s something new for my blog. I finally tackled a mobile challenge. In the past I basically ignored them or at most, decompiled them to Java source and did a little fiddling. No way, not anymore, time to tackle one!

BSides Canberra CTF 2016 – Meetings Meetings Everywhere – Pwnable

I was pretty surprised that few people solved this one. I think there may have been an issue with the binary originally published where NX was enabled. This cost me a bit of time but no matter. We solved it easily in the end. It’s a two part pwnable. A guessing game where you have to guess a number and receive higher/lower replies. When you win you get to enter your name.