HousePlant CTF 2020: Returning Stolen Archives

Cool RSA crypto challenge in a CTF that I had a lot of fun with. I especially liked the beginner section which had a nice gradual ramp up with challenge difficulty. The final beginner challenge in each category was like a combo of what you had done until that point.

WPI CTF 2020: Notwannasigh

Fairly straightforward reversing challenge with a malware / ransomware flavor. The challenge text reads:

RITSEC CTF 2018: Cictrohash

I didn’t plan to play this CTF but when I saw this challenge I was a bit hooked. So I ended up competing in it.

Square CTF 2018: Dot-n-dash

Long time since my last CTF writeup. I thought I would post this one since it was the first CTF I had done in a while and I wouldn’t mind getting back into them. I spent a few hours on this CTF and solved a couple of challenges. The first one had the following clue:

Riscure RHme2: FridgeJIT - Reverse Engineering Challenge

First part of a long series of well thought out challenges in the RHme2 CTF. This one was the “introduction” one but it was tricky and certainly worth the 400 points I feel. Here’s my approach which I believe is different to how some others solved it. First, the clue: