hack.lu CTF 2016 - Cornelius1 - Crypto Challenge

Wasn’t able to login to this CTF until about 3 hours before it was over. So we got what we could solved in that time. This challenge was fun and I’ll go through my solution very fast. Firstly here’s the clue:

H4ckIT CTF 2016: Interceptor - Crypto Challenge

Quick writeup for this one so I remember it for later. Although this CTF ran all week, we sorta need that, since it took about a day for the challenge GUI to load every time you clicked something. Ugh. Anyways, this was an interesting challenge because it appeared very simple but I wasn’t immediately solving it using quick tricks. Anyway lets look at the clue:

CTF(x) iTrash: Forensics Challenge

For this one we’re given a link to a Megaupload hosted file. It’s a 93mb file so it’s gotta be good! The clue was:

In this challenge we were given an string and told that it was an authorization token that had expired. We want to forge an authorization token for whatever service this token is used for. The token we’re given is this:

SecuInside CTF 2016 - Cykor_00002 CGC Challenge

Was pretty surprised to see CGC challenges on the SecuInside CTF this year so I got involved with these. Dusted off my CGC vagrant VM from Defcon earlier this year and went to town. This second challenge was a bit more in depth than Cykor_0001 so I’ll write this one up instead.