TFC CTF 2021 - Jam

The Few Chosen’s (TFC) CTF was this weekend and I found it really engrossing. I really enjoyed the breadth and quality of the challenges. Along with quality pwnables which I have really enjoyed lately was some excellent crypto challenges which take me back to my favourite CTF category.

MetaRed 2021 - 4th Stage: Maradona 1,2 and 3

Here’s three more binary exploitation challenges from the 4th edition of MetaRed CTF 2021. Each was the same theme but different exploits were necessary each time.

MetaRed 2021 - 3rd Stage: Note Server

I’m doing way more PWN challenges these days and have got into somewhat of a groove that I’m really enjoying them. I have a pattern of solutions in my head now and can solve at least the first basic level ones each time. This week was the CTF Internacional MetaRed 2021 - 3rd Stage. Long name! Also found it pretty challenging. Here’s 1 fun pwn challenge.

Killer Queen CTF: Binary Exploitation

Fun CTF with some binary exploitation challenges that were at my basic level and had no significant hidden catches to block me solving them. I’ll cover zoom2win, Tweety birb and Broke College Students in this writeup.

DeadFace CTF: Lytton Labs Cryptoware 1

Another great CTF this week with a lot of variety of challenges and very helpful admins. For the second week in a row I’m writing about a solution which was not my first pathway. This challenge was in the Reverse Engineering category but if taken as a Crypto category challeng it solves much more easily.