Riscure RHme2 CTF: Secret Sauce (Hardware Challenge)

Riscure RHme2 is finally over! What a marathon CTF. I actually spent a tonne of time on this CTF over the past few months, mainly because I had never looked at embedded hardware systems in the past. So I had to gain my skills from never having even used Arduino to performing side channel analysis and fault injection, reverse engineering 8 bit microcontroller binaries, and dealing with ever increasing lust for more and better hardware hacking tools!

Boston Key Party 2017 - RSA-Buffet - Crypto Challenge

Quick write-up because this first part of the RSA challenges at BKP this year was trivial. Writing up mostly as a way to show how automation can help you a lot when solving CTF challenges. Even on the level of Boston Key Party which, as I re-remembered this week, is a pretty damn hard CTF.

BSides SF CTF 2017 – Flag Receiver - Mobile Reverse Engineering

The second mobile reversing challenge of BSides SF CTF. Slightly harder than the first but only just. Here’s the clue and APK:

BSides SF CTF 2017 - []root - Crypto Challenge

Quick challenge for a quick 250 points. So hopefully a quick writeup! Here’s the clue:

HackIM - Breaking Bad Key Exchange - Crypto Challenge

HackIM time again. This year seemed slightly better organized than last year. Some nice challenges. I don’t think this challenge was worth 350 points but I’ll document my solution anyway in sort of a “what not to do” when making a crypto challenge. Here’s the clue including the image they gave as a description: