Interviewing in Tech: Security Engineer & Security Analyst

Landing a job as a security engineer or analyst at a tech company is a significant feat. It requires not only technical acumen but also strong interviewing skills. This article is aimed at those seeking to navigate the interview process at tech companies. We’ll cover what to expect, strategies for success, and how to make the right impression during your interviews.

BSides Sydney 2023 Writeups

This weekend in Sydney was the annual BSides Sydney conference. This year I contributed some challenges to the CTF competition so I’ll take the opportunity to post the writeups for the challenges I wrote for those who were playing to CTF.

DUCTF 2023 Writeups

This weekend I played DownUnderCTF 2023. The fourth instalment of the now huge DownunderCTF. This round they provided a new category of beginner challenges all grouped together. I did the majority of these as well as some other challenges.

LACTF 2023 Writeups

This weekend I played my first CTF of 2023, LACTF. Organized by ACM Cyber at UCLA. It featured plenty of challenges to keep me busy for the time I was able to play across pwn, reversing, crypto, misc, and web categories. I played with a team of friends and colleagues this time and focused mostly on Crypto, Pwn and Reversing categories.

BlueHens CTF 2022 PWN Writeups

Pretty fun CTF organized by the BlueHens CTF team from the University of Delaware. This one featured a bunch of Minecraft challenges but also the typical PWN, Crypto, Reversing and Web categories.