BlueHens CTF 2022 PWN Writeups

Pretty fun CTF organized by the BlueHens CTF team from the University of Delaware. This one featured a bunch of Minecraft challenges but also the typical PWN, Crypto, Reversing and Web categories.

HTB Hack The Boo 2022 Writeups

Another great CTF from HTB, this time it started at midnight for me with fresh new challenges each midnight for 5 nights. All the challenges seemed to be of quite high quality and had me thinking hard about the solutions.

srdnlen CTF 2022 - Fancy E

Haven’t done any writeups lately as I’ve not been having much time to do CTFs. This CTF caught my attention on the weekend though for its approachable set of intro challenges. I ended up finishing 15th on the scoreboard. This challenge was interesting because of the unintended solutions. I’ll go through one of these below.

niteCTF - CBC-Jail

A unique combination of Python jailbreak and crypto flaw that had me learning a lot about AES-CBC mode. Super fun for me to get this solution working.

niteCTF - Rabin to the Rescue

Another fun CTF that gave me plenty of challenges to learn from. I solved a good amount of the Crypto challenges in this one as well as the crypto related pwn challenge. This one got some good use out of my own RSA tooling so I decided to write it up.