SunshineCTF 2021: ProcrastinatorProgrammer

A fun CTF with some good story telling in the Reverse Engineering category. This challenge was a fun quick 150 points because I’d had a bit of practice with the domain recently!

H@cktivityCon 2021: Sausage Links

I think what makes a addictive CTF for me is when there are great challenges, lots of them, and the difficulty ramp up exists. This CTF had all of that and more. Warmups that were actually good warmups and tricky challenges that seemed impossible at first but were able to be reasoned through. This was a combo RSA challenge so it’s one of my personal favourites. Solution follows…


Didn’t realise this CTF was on until the last few hours but here’s one challenge I got done. Snab?

CSAW 2021: Gotta Decrypt em All

Second writeup from CSAW, a Software Engineering challenge more than crypto in my opinion!

CSAW 2021: Tripping Breakers

Huge year again for CSAW which has some of the longest history of any CTF and always puts a good show on with creative challenges at all levels. I plan to writeup two challenges that got the least solves of the ones I solved. This is the first.