niteCTF - CBC-Jail

A unique combination of Python jailbreak and crypto flaw that had me learning a lot about AES-CBC mode. Super fun for me to get this solution working.

niteCTF - Rabin to the Rescue

Another fun CTF that gave me plenty of challenges to learn from. I solved a good amount of the Crypto challenges in this one as well as the crypto related pwn challenge. This one got some good use out of my own RSA tooling so I decided to write it up.

HTB CyberSanta 2021 - Crypto Writeups

HTB sure have a slick new CTF platform and it was a pleasure to play this CTF. I’m not really a fan of how they released challenges though (daily, always 5 challenges, always at midnight for me). Still the challenges were fun so I can’t complain.

TFC CTF 2021 - Jam

The Few Chosen’s (TFC) CTF was this weekend and I found it really engrossing. I really enjoyed the breadth and quality of the challenges. Along with quality pwnables which I have really enjoyed lately was some excellent crypto challenges which take me back to my favourite CTF category.

MetaRed 2021 - 4th Stage: Maradona 1,2 and 3

Here’s three more binary exploitation challenges from the 4th edition of MetaRed CTF 2021. Each was the same theme but different exploits were necessary each time.