DeadFace CTF: Lytton Labs Cryptoware 1

Another great CTF this week with a lot of variety of challenges and very helpful admins. For the second week in a row I’m writing about a solution which was not my first pathway. This challenge was in the Reverse Engineering category but if taken as a Crypto category challeng it solves much more easily.

DigitalOverdose: Time

Great CTF with a lot of variety of challenges plus great infrastructure stability. Nice job team. This challenge I solved using a backup idea I had when my original solution wasn’t working. Details below.

TamilCTF: Ransomware

Fun CTF for TamilSec Con 2021 which wasn’t taking itself too seriously. This was the group’s first year and it was clear they had a lot of fun trying to come up with creative new challenges. I solved quite a few and this was one that got me stuck the longest. It was a memory forensics challenge. Here’s how I solved it which does not have an intended ending…

DownunderCTF 2021: Lost n Found

DownunderCTF has become a big event in the yearly CTF calendar. Nice job all involved! It’s also one of the only CTFs that is run in a cloud region geographically near me. Loved the super fast ping times to all the infrastructure. What a luxury!

SunshineCTF 2021: ProcrastinatorProgrammer

A fun CTF with some good story telling in the Reverse Engineering category. This challenge was a fun quick 150 points because I’d had a bit of practice with the domain recently!