PlaidCTF - qttpd - Pwnable Part 1 200 Point Challenge

I felt like going back and writing up this warmup challenge from BCTF since I enjoyed it so much. I have just recently finished studying RSA at university so it was still fresh in my mind when starting this challenge.

Nuit du Hack Quals 2015 - Bpythonastic - Forensic Challenge

CTFing at Easter time was super challenging. Endless family commitments, using my iPhone to browse challenges while at the dinner table and thinking through how to attack them when I can finally get to a PC. Fortunately NDH seemed to go for long enough for me to at least try a few of the challenges, which I did!

UIUCTF 2015 - hype - Web Challenge

Didn’t have time to do UIUCTF this year since it ran concurrently with NDH but I did this challenge to help a team member out who was doing it and it only took 15 minutes. It was a fun challenge called hype, worth 100 points.

Backdoor CTF 2015 - qr - Challenge Response

Due to the rescheduling of Backdoor 2015 (due to cricket, blegh) I only got about 2 hours to play it. It seemed like a good variety of challenges and I think I would have got 7 or 8 done had it not been on a weekday when I had a tonne of other commitments. Anyway I got started with this challenge, it was easy but fun but only worth 70 points and In my opinion there were a lot of easier challenges worth more points. Still I got stuck down the rabbit hole anyway.