BCTF 2015 - weak_enc Crypto challenge

After a challenging enough “Warm Up” challenge at BCTF2015 which involved cracking a poorly thought out RSA encryption, the next challenge we decided to tackle was the weak_enc challenge worth only 200 points. I don’t normally do crypto but the warmup challenge really got me in the mood so, here we go!

Our first time doing Vancouver BSides which was an event said to be aimed at beginners and students. I was expecting a fun and medium challenge but I found it to be trickier than expected and where I knew the general direction of the solutions for a number of problems I didn’t get enough time to focus on them during the middle of the week where it was held.

For this years CodeGate teams faced some ingenious challenges. Today I will write up the first challenge we solved which seems to have also been first for many of the teams. This challenge is Systemshock.

OpenToAll CTF2015 - Gone (Forensics)

This challenge in the forensics genre had only the following as the clue:

Boston Key Party 2015 - School Bus Flag #3